Being a leading and trusted organization providing Cleaning and Concierge Services in Sydney, we always ensure that our clients get the best service. As responsible business, we ensure that workplace illnesses or injuries are prevented to the maximum extent possible. Hence, we always abide by the WHS (Work Health and Safety) Site Safety Management Plan, wherein we involve all our employees and contractors inducted in the fundamentals of safety training and awareness.

Our induction programs are tasks and site specific and all staffs are nominated on a regular basis to be a part of them.

It is mandatory for all the workers of TH Building Maintenance, including subcontractors, to take part in site specific inductions, before they begin working on a specified site. This is to ensure that the objectives of the WHS Site Safety Management Plan are duly fulfilled. The record of each induction process is maintained on an Employee Safety Induction Form, which mentions all the areas covered, against which each attendee is required to sign… pdf