End of lease cleaning

Putting an end to all Cleaning Woes of Tenants and Landlords!

If the time has come to return a leased property, you must be busy about getting it perfectly cleaned before the actual handing over? Or if you are a landlord and need to show your property to new clients, you expect it to be spotlessly cleaned. Leave this to the expert hands of TH Building Maintenance, and get the property back in its original clean conditions at the end of tenancy or before a new tenant arrives. Our licensed team has years of experience in End of Lease Cleaning in Sydney, and are accustomed to the requisites and guidelines for such tasks. Be assured that we would never skip anything!

Our clients are extremely delighted with our service because:

  • The leased property is exhaustively cleaned and this includes Carpet Cleaning, Dusting, Vacuuming, Window Cleaning, and the like
  • Post Cleaning, our team inspects the area thoroughly to ensure that no dirt or grime is left over
  • Modern techniques such as Steam Cleaning and High Pressure Cleaning are used
  • Our goal is to maximize the chances of the tenant to get back the full deposit money.

Once our superior services are rendered, there is little that the landlord, tenant or real estate agent can frown about. Contact us to avail our seamless services.