The holiday season is just around the corner. But along with the millions of festivities come a number of dangers and hazards as well. While you cannot do anything about the guests that will arrive in hoards to your home, there are certain things to ensure your hoe is a safer space during these busy times. Read on for some simple tips and reminders that can make your home a safe abode:

Unattended Stoves and Ovens are a NO

While there are a number of errands to run, never multitask and leave your stove or oven unsupervised. If you cannot wait around, find a replacement who can keep an eye on things for you. Using timers can also ensure that the delicious food does not turn into inedible charcoal.

The Safety of Others

If you reside will small children or pets, it is always advisable to use the back burners on your gas. This can help avoid accidents such as a child running up to the flames and burning himself.

Dress to Cook, not kill

It is also recommended that you wear appropriate clothing when cooking. Since more often than not you will have numerous elements to work on simultaneously, clothing with short sleeves or tight fit can ensure you do not accidentally set yourself on fire. Similarly, any flammable item such as oven mitts, towels or plastic bags should be kept away from sources of fire and extensive heat.

Maintaining Your Appliances

Once you have completed cooking, take a cloth and clean up any appliance you may have used as well. This can ensure that grease does not accumulate and spoil the interiors. Lesser the grease, less are the chances of something catching fire as well.

Decorating the Tree

If you cannot invest in a flame retardant Christmas tree, make sure your real tree is not too dry that it catches fire. Also make sure you do not use candles. Electric lights make for a good and safe substitute.

Electrical Points

Putting too much load on electric points by over plugging can be a sure shot way of starting a fire. Instead, cautiously make use of devices and outlets during the holiday season.

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While the joy of the holiday season surrounds us, it is important to ensure it is a safe time for all as well. Here is a guide to help you do just that!

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