Fires are one of the most common causes of fatal destruction and casualties, especially in Australia. In lieu of increasing awareness about this deadly problem, here are some simple tips that help make your home a safe environment and avoid fire related accidents:

Keep a Check on the Smoke Detectors

Statistically, having active fire alarms can reduce the chances of fatal accidents by a whooping fifty percent. This should be the first step to fire-proofing your home. It is essential to have these detectors not only at every level of your home but also various rooms and large areas. While a number of fire alarms can now directly be hooked onto the home electric system, make sure you replace the manual batteries at least once a year as well. The alarms may also become old and require a replacement in order to work efficiently.

Have a Contingency Fire Escape Plan at the Ready

When faced with an actual fire, it is very difficult to think of escape routes. This means is it important to have a plan prepared in advance. Since a fire often blocks access to certain rooms, the best plan is to have more than one escape routes from every room. If you have pets, children or old people residing with you, it is important to take into consideration their own capabilities and get them out to safety first as they are susceptible to harm. Be sure that every member of the house also knows the basics of acting during a fire such as getting low to avoid breathing the toxic smoke as much as possible. Also have a point of safety where the group can recollect if separated. This can ensure that one does not have to make additional efforts to locate individuals who have already found safety.

Some Emergencies call for Leaving the Home Immediately

In the event a fire breaks out, you must leave your home at once. Be sure you call the right authorities instead of trying to put it out on your own. Since homes are filled with hazardous things that often help the fire spread, you never know when a seemingly small fire turns into a full-fledged blaze. Do not try to go back in till the fire has been put out and the safety inspection is completed. If you live in an apartment or complex, be sure you pull the fire alarm on your way out to warn other people as well.

When Stuck Inside, Make the Best of the Situation

If you find yourself unable to access any of the exit routes, work towards making your environment a comfortable one. Move heavy objects such as desks that may be an obstruction to rescuers trying to reach you. Also cover gaps from where smoke may be getting into the room by stuffing heavy cloth or sheets.

Besides the above mentioned tips, compiled together by experienced professionals at, it is important to be conscious with your home to avoid accidents. Do not over plug, leave candles or matches unattended and have a cluttered home. Our comprehensive services such as cleaning contracts and property maintenance can make all the difference in keeping your home safe and secure!


While the illuminating glow and warmth of a flame is divine, fires and blazes can become hell for those caught up in them. Here are some simple fire safety awareness tips and tricks to keep you and your loved ones safe!

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