Carpets, which impart a wonderful look to a room, are also a notorious source of pollution through exposure to microbes, allergens and chemicals. Given all these bad stuff, it becomes difficult to clean carpets, but with the introduction of UV technology, the cleaning and maintenance of carpets have become quite hassle-free. We at TH Building Maintenance use UV light which enhances the effectiveness of carpet cleaning, and this is what makes us one of the most acclaimed service providers of carpet cleaning in Sydney.

The problem with carpet cleaning is that more often than not, a carpet will appear clean and presentable to the bare eyes, when actually it is not. The major benefit of incorporating ultraviolet light is that it helps to detect hidden stuff such as pet urine or stains from any other spills. This in turn doubles the capability of identification and doing away with dirt. Moreover, research has proved that pathogens and allergens can be considerably reduced when vacuuming is done through leveraging the germicidal characteristics of UV light.

So, with our UV equipped cleaning methodology, the carpets in commercial or residential places can be kept clean and dirt-free to the maximum extent possible. Moreover, by treating microbes, allergens and pathogens, this cleaning technology also reduces the risk of public health hazards.

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