Spring is one of the most awaited seasons round the year. The long days and warm sunshine is something most people welcome with open arms and huge smiles. However, this beautiful season does come hand in hand with additional maintenance work. After the long and brutal winters, even your landscape will be begging for some attention and care. Here are some of the many spring cleaning factors that our building maintenance services can take care of for your commercial property-

Putting some Life into your Landscape

You may have gotten away with ignoring your lawn and flower beds for all this time with the sheets of snow covering up most things but the oncoming spring and summer will not be so easy. It is important to ensure your commercial property too exudes the same charisma of professionalism and finesse as your business itself. Whether you need to revitalise your lawns with mulch or add some colour by planting flowers, we can take care of it all!

The Sidewalks and Parking Lot

While the ice and snow may have melted away, there will be a number of signs of a winter passed. Cracks on the sidewalk and potholes can often become dangerous as well as a liability. Our services can not only take care of such damage repair but also ensure that the salt and stones are swept away, leaving your facility at its attractive best!

Cleaning Up the Windows

Freezing temperatures and window cleaning, especially those that are higher up are never a good combination. This is why windows start accumulating junk and trails of melting ice, blurring out the beauty of spring. With the help of our professional cleaners who promise to make your windows gleam; you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of your surroundings from the office!

Painting and Repainting Tasks

Spring is the best time of the year to get all your painting jobs completed. While the weather is taking a turn for the warmer, it is not so hot that the paint dries up too quickly, leaving unwanted cracks. Whether you want to give some element of the property a different look or you have something that’s been begging for some restoration, our team will ensure your work is done.

As our team of experts at thbuildingmaintenance.com.au handles the tedious tasks for you, you can enjoy the beautiful spring and shining sun right out the door!


The quintessential spring cleaning for your home is vastly different than the one you will need to undertake for your commercial property. Here are some things our experts are well, experts at taking care of for such distinctive spaces!

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