The characteristic cool mornings and colourful leaves on trees are a sharp reminder that fall is upon us, which also means that the colder weather is just around the corner. This change in the season means it is time to gear up and start getting all your maintenance underway. Here is a checklist of things you will need to have gotten done this fall:

Clearing Away Gutters

As pretty as the fall foliage can be, the leaves can block your gutters and pose as a hindrance to them. These accumulated leaves can prevent the right drainage of your gutters and hence must be swept away.

The Patio Pack Up

Any furniture on your patio will need to be packed up and stowed away for safety during the winter months. Make sure you also clean off any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on them, as well as let them dry to avoid mould.

Draining Away the Faucets

Faucets and in-ground drainage systems often freeze and burst. To avoid such mishaps and the cost of repairing these systems, it is best to drain them and shut them off before the temperature drops. Our experts can help ensure all the valves are closed and pipes drained for your convenience.

Essential Garden Care

Small tools and sprinklers will need to be stored away in your shed before the snow hits. Even your precious plants need to be taken care of. From adding the required mulch to trimming away the dead bulbs and shrubs, you can make sure your plants transition through the season comfortably as well!

Prepping the Furnace and Fireplace

Fall is the perfect time to ensure that your furnaces and fireplaces are in an optimal state. Before the weather becomes cold and you need the extra heat, you will need to ensure that your furnaces are not worn out and are ready for use. Make sure you check the lights and thermostat as well as ensure the heat vents are open and functioning efficiently.

Besides these above mentioned tasks, our experts at suggest you will also need to ensure the batteries of the smoke detectors are replaced, your security system is set and the AC is covered up. Our strata management services can help take care of such tasks so that you can enjoy a safe holiday season!


As the leaves begin to change their colours and the air becomes crisp, you will need to begin preparing for the cooler months ahead. Here is a complete checklist of tasks that help maintain your property.

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