Let’s say you travel a lot and barely stay in your house. There’s no one to tend to the house. Is there someone who look after the house and be willing stay on the property? What you need is a building caretaker.

More and more people are applying for the job of a building caretaker. The pay is decent and the job often comes with accommodation. To find work in the building caretaking niche one has to acquire a real estate licence or a certificate of registration. Also, some experience in building maintenance in most cases is a prerequisite. Here are some reasons to hire building caretakers

Building Management Services

In many apartments, the residents leave it to the caretaker to chalk out some building policies related to matters such as parking spaces or monitoring of CCTVs. They are often given the responsibility of assigning security for places.

Routine inspection of the facilities, equipment and the premises is a must for any caretaker. Taking care of repairs figures in the CV of any building caretaker.

If you own a lot of property and are keen on renting them the services of a building caretaker would come in handy. The caretaker can show the prospective tenants around the property and provide information about the rent and occupancy. Some of them are permitted to collect the rent and attend to complaints too.

The image of any organisation or residence is important. It is the job of the person-in-charge to oversee that the house appears to be in pristine condition. Seeing to it rubbish is cleared every day, tending to the garden and cleaning the entrance are stuff any building caretaker is tasked with. Also, vacant rooms or apartments are regularly cleaned.

All in all, a trusty building caretaker such as the services offered by TH Building Maintenance can take a lot off any anybody’s hands.

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