When you hire a window cleaning service for your high rise commercial or residential property, you will want to make sure that the company you partner with is proficient with the latest cleaning techniques.

Here are a few tools and equipment you can expect your high rise window cleaning service to make use of –

This telescopic pole comes with brushes and water jets on one end of it. This brush can be attached to a pipe that transports water to the end of the brush, hereby facilitating comprehensive cleaning of your windows.

This tool comes extremely handy when you need to loosen up tough dirt and eventually remove it. This process is then followed by what is known as scrimming.

This is an important tool used by most professional window cleaners around the world. A handle like device is dipped inside a mixture of water and chemicals that helps give the squeaky clean look to your windows. This tool helps remove all kinds of dirt by simply sliding it from one end of the window to another.

While many homeowners rely on detergents to clean their windows, professional cleaners refrain from them because of the marks they leave behind on glass after drying. Your professional cleaners will use only special solutions that not only clean your windows but ensure that no stains are left behind. If you request for organic solutions to avoid any chemical related allergies among family members, your cleaners may also use vinegar solutions and other natural forms of cleaning options.

In addition to this, your professional cleaners will come along with fresh cleaning cloth that are made using special microfibers ideal to clean your windows. A scraper is also used to remove all the tough marks such as those made by paint and varnish. Finally, professionals also use mops with a t-bar that can be detached, cleaned and reused.

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